Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mr. Tim Webster of Radio 2UE

Faruque Ahmed

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Alexandria, NSW – 2015
Mobile: 041 091 4118

Mr. Tim Webster of Radio 2UE

Dear Tim,

I commend you for inviting telephone calls regarding Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan. However, your guest Jim Molan and his doomed views dominated the airwaves. No one, including myself, was allowed to air any views about Afghanistan!

Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, (Who Invented) Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now and the last ten year abject failure can’t be covered up with racism and sectarianism. The time is right for an open and fair debate on the subject. The invasion of Afghanistan is an Israel-centered and resource oriented sadistic geopolitical game! It has no connection with Australian defense and safety.

However, far too many callers injected anti-Muslim venom under the guise of the burqa debate. Many of these callers had unfounded fear of the burqa, and they expressed totally unsubstantiated and prejudicial views about Islam and the prophet of Islam.

Today, I made a few attempts to bring some rationality into the debate with no luck. With all humility, there must be many recognised experts on these issues in Australia. My question is, why were none of these experts invited on to your program to enlighten your viewers?

I hope you are big enough to debate and discuss any issues with me in an oral or written format instead of hiding behind telephone operators and kudos of radio 2UE.

Thanks in advance.

Faruque Ahmed

August 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Steve Liebmann of 2UE

I have been attending thousands of debates and discussions regarding Israel/Palestine conflict for a long time and I am writing a book titled Crimes Exposed by Faruque Ahmed.

I said in
Faruque vs Lucy Re: Israel Palestine Conflict that the “ … Zio-Nazi media, ignorant and opportunist Israelites inside and outside Israel are the real enemies of peace and stability … “. Even today, I find it true and accurate.

Radio 2UE station manager wrote to me earlier and he said, “… you are welcome to call radio 2UE … “. Naturally, I was ringing 2UE for a long time and lately I am discovering a very carefully concealed plan to silence me and people of my background i.e. Aboriginals, migrants, Arabs and Muslims!

Today, (Wednesday, June 02, 2010) I rang John and Sandy show. Producer Vanessa made a few attempts to put me on air but she failed to do so. I rang again after 9.00 a.m. Poor Vanessa rang me be back three different times and basically I was hanging in the telephone line for three hours despite her good efforts! Yet, Steve Liebmann could not find any time to talk to me about the recent Israeli Terrorism at the international waters. Considering this and many more ‘monkey business’ before, I suspect, may be Steve Liebmann was trying to ignore my telephone call entirely.

Nonetheless, to clear the air I am sending this email to Steve Liebmann and others to ensure the fact that the Zionised and Zionist media outlets and personalities are not conducting their Arab Israeli wars from respective bunkers around the world.

Generally speaking, most of the media outlets are happy to publicise anti-Arab statements and sentiments and then they refuse to provide a right of reply by saying, “it is too hard …. “ (I am paraphrasing). Thus in away, the victims i.e. Palestinians are terrorists and terrorists i.e. Israelis are victims!
How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes, Who was behind Hamas and why? and May I Ask this Question to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Anyone? are revealing Israeli deception and manipulation continuum!

Hamas is a lawfully elected government. Should we adopt the Israeli yardstick and rhetoric regarding Hamas then we can not ignore the fact that most Israeli Prime Ministers and politicians of the past and present were and are terrorists as well as half of the current Israeli politicians should be prosecuted for war crimes!

Equal principle applies for Israeli propaganda regarding
Turkish-based Humanitarian Relief Foundation or IHH. Remember Remember Avigdor Lieberman and many Israeli politicians’ track records elevate IHH to sainthood!

Further to
Israel Martzav and Israeli Crime Spree the Israeli military admits errors in raid approach. They are not doing because they are honest! They are engaged in this maneuver with pure arrogance with the assistance of Mark Regev, Steve Liebmann, Adam Spencer, Jim Ball, Stuart Bocking, Tim Webster, Andrew Bolt, … . These media identities and notorious spin doctors’ actions and inactions are worse than Joseph Goebbels and Julius Streicher!

The Israelis and their supporters are allowed to abuse, insult, maim and murder anyone at anytime without any remorse whatsoever. Yet, we are not allowed to ask genuine questions like
Who Is a Semite?, Do You Know Who Is a True Jew?, What is a Judeo-Christian culture?, Why Is It Impossible to Expose Israeli War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide?, and What Do You now About The Northern Territory Intervention? What a blatant double standard and hypocrisy?

Would you believe
Do You Know Islam Can Protect Itself?, a light hearted George Bush May Repent and Accept Islam!, Do You Think Osama bin Laden Is guilty or Innocent?, Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, … and similar comments or questions are not allowed to post or ask!

14 More Reasons In support of Gas Chamber, 15 More Evidence In Support of Gas Chamber and Don't you think this is another good reason to call for gas chamber are also for your consideration. Remember, these people were conspiring for the Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine from 1890s and they are operating the most slow motion and painful Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palatine in front of you and me. Yet, they claim to be holier than holy cow!

Why Are We Not allowed To Debate This Vital Issue Freely?

A group of people say they are victim of ethnic cleansing! They also say:
1. “God gave us this land”.
2. “This holy land is for the Jews only and not for gentiles or goys”. Therefore they have the right to expel non Jews i.e. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. etc as they have been doing so for the last sixty years with the assistance of the so called Christian USA, UK, Australia, … .
3. “We are the chosen people of God”.
4. “We are the master race …. .”
Ironically, they deny the existence of all of the above!

Now, if the above is not true then how come these maps and many other documents support the well and true Israeli ethnically cleansing plan?

1878 to 2000 Palestine look like Swiss cheese! This week Jo Bidon is banding backwards for Israel, Obama is scared of Israeli lobby! Poor Hilary will be chased by Monika Lewinsky like old Bill! Look at these maps below!

1. “
First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878
2. “
Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000

Do You Think The Palestinians Are Terrorists?

A Palestinian kid who is playing in his/her mums cradle, backyard, schoolyard, … is a terrorist!?!
People who are racing from all over the world to the holy land and terrorisng the Palestinians are victims!!
Israeli ethnic cleansing is justified.
Hitler’s ethnic cleansing is not justified!
What a double standard and hypocrisy!

Israeli Holocaust in Palestine of Theodor Hartzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Joseph Weitz are evidenced by First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878, United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949 and Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000. Above links also clearly support pre-planned Israeli Holocaust in Palestine.

A Few Instruments of Israeli Holocaust

The 1952 Law of Entry, The 1952 Citizenship Law, The Law of Acquisition of Absentee Property, … are only a few instruments to ensure the continuity of the pre-conspired Israeli Holocaust in Palestine. These longest running concentration camps known to mankind with a stamp of infinity, operated by the Israetards, are in reality, the most painful and slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine of our time.

Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews and Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews are tragic testimony of Jewish barbarism and Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion provides more substantiation.

Israe-Nazi Tools of Diversion Tactics

Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis are also behind Salman Rushdie, Bin Laden, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Norma Khouri, 50% Mosque Spaces For Women, Tanvir Ahmed, 72 Virgins to Nothing, Muslim Women Priests, Actual Australian Muslim Virgin, Meal Ticket in Germany, Monica Ali, Burqa, Bushfire, Dog, and many other anti-Muslim and anti-Arab vendetta. All of those items above are carefully crafted and nurtured “accelerants” to create bushfires around the world between various sex, race, religion and people.

Further to
Where can I buy rolls of toilet paper with a picture of Moses on them? and Why do we have to be screwed by those gas chamber bound “Jews”/Zionists/Israelis? who gave them any right whatsoever to Insult and abuse anyone at any place, at any time and why can’t we answer them back in a language they may understand?

Why Yahoo Q and A is allowing such a blatant double standard and hypocrisy?

Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis are enemy of mankind, peace and stability of this world. Deception, manipulation, back stabbings, propaganda, double standard, hypocrisy, prejudice and bigotry are only a few weapons of their possession and private property!

How Israel tricked Hamas before launching Gaza strikes
For more: Radio 2UE and 2GB

The radio report, on Friday, was a final move in six months of planning and deception leading up to the strikes,
The Australian reported.

Who was behind Hamas and why?
For more: Buqa and Enemies

Hamas' early growth had been supported by the
Mossad as a "counterbalance to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)". Furthermore, the French investigative newspaper Le Canard enchaîné stated that Shin Bet had also supported Hamas as a counterweight to the PLO and Fatah, in an attempt to give "a religious slant to the conflict, in order to make the West believe that the conflict was between Jews and Muslims", thus supporting the controversial thesis of a "clash of civilizations".[86]


May I Ask this Question to Jews, Christians, Muslims and Anyone?
(Removed by Yahoo Q and A)
Blog, Sites
1. All Muslims do not get a ticket, permission and funding to settle in Mecca or Saudi Arabia.
2. All Christians do not get a ticket, permission and funding to settle in Rome or Italy.
3. Why then All Jews get a ticket, permission and funding to settle in Jerusalem and Israel?
I am asking this question because the Palestinians are victims of Israeli atrocities. Yet, the Palestinians are known as terrorists and the offending Israelis are known as victims! This is the biggest mockery of justice and distortion of truth. So, the obvious question is, “why is it so”?
I was looking for answers! Why are some people insulting me and Palestinians instead of maintaining the civility by answering the specific question? Isn’t a reflection of Israeli arrogance and blatant brutality?
Why anyone would like to throw the Palestinians in the desert or ocean? If we follow this type of Israeli logic then why any one should condemn Hitler’s ethnic cleansing when the Israelis are conducting ethnic cleansing for a long time?
The issue is simple!
A group of people claim, “God gave us the land. Our God don’t want us to share the land with others. We have the right to ethnically cleanse non-Jews”. They deny all of the above. Yet, any one can see that they believe and practice all of the above!
They say, they are victims of European atrocities. They do not want a piece of Bavaria to settle the scores of European crimes! Instead they want lands of Arabs who did nothing to them and protected them for years!!
It does not make any sense!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Indian assault 'not racially motivated'

Indian assault 'not racially motivated'

January 20, 2010


Police hope witnesses will come forward to help them catch a couple who bashed a 25-year-old Indian taxi driver in Melbourne.

Police have released images of a couple involved in the attack in the city's north on Saturday, hoping the public can help identify the suspects from footage taken during the cab ride.

There is no evidence the attack was racially motivated, police said.

The Indian driver told police he called an ambulance and was treated for facial injuries at the Northern Hospital after the late night assault.

He had stopped at the Summerhill Hotel in Reservoir on Saturday around 1.25am (AEDT) where five people were asking for a ride.

He refused to carry them all, because of the car's legal capacity, and instead only picked up a man and a woman from the group.

Police said the woman became angry at the driver for refusing to take her friends with them.

The man then punched the driver as he pulled over on Plenty Road and continued to assault him as the couple climbed out of the cab.

The pair caught a tram and got off at a stop across the street from the Rose Shamrock Hotel, continuing on foot down a side street.

In the cab driver security camera footage, the man is shown wearing a white T-shirt with a graphic design on the front.

The woman has her hair pulled back and is drinking a beverage from an aluminium can.

© 2010 AAP

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Destruction of Israel

As commonly heard in the western media about Iran and current President of it being an anti-Semite and holocaust denier! This propaganda continuum is putting the world peace, stability of the world and humanity at risk the least. It is a well established fact, 9 out of 10 people in any part of the western world believes the Iranian president Mohammad Ahmadinazad is equivalent of Adolph Hitler of our time.

The fact to substantiate such a man made omnivalent notion can be more harmful than 100 nuclear bomb blasts. In truth, I failed to gather any such evidence, anywhere to support that “gospel truth” propagated against Mr. Ahmedinezad.

It is shocking to discover that they have established their beliefs based on evidence like Iran president says U.N. sanctions unlikely and Iran president: Israel flies Satan’s flag. I quote, the Weikipedia, “Ahmadinejad has also called for the dissolution of the state of Israel,[11][12]”.

Furthermore, the best selling book (My Israel Question) author Antony Lowenstein and Dr. Noah Basill, director, Centre of Middle East Studies, Macquarie University as well as many other non-Arab and non-Muslim identities have recently told us that the Iranian president Mohammad Ahmadinazad and his spiritual leader NEVER called for the destruction for Israel. Yet, the Zionised media have been trying to prosecute him for that alleged offence.

No one told us beforehand that the agenda, intent and purpose of the WORLD CONFERENCE AGAINST RACISM, RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, XENOPHOBIA AND RELATED INTOLERANCE Durban, 31 August-7 September 2001, was wrong! Initially it was very difficult to find out the Iranian President’s speech. However, after examining the Iranian President Mohamamd Ahmedinezad speech and public comments I also failed to find anything wrong and any validity whatsoever to boycott the Durban Review Conference, 20-24 April 2009.

In the Australian media and parliament no body bothered to have a debate about this important issue! Alan Gold (author) is Zionist spin doctor and Rupert Murdoch's "The Australian" failed to disclose his vested interests. Yet he went on to instruct Prime Minister Kevin Rudd not to attend the conference and he wrote “Smith should avoid racist conference”. Would you believe Australian Culture and Australian Values of the Lucky Country are consistent here! However, good people of Australia are rejecting Greg Sheridan's spin "Boycott is a triumph of principle"evidenced in this thread.

The brilliant offer Israel never made, supported by the Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map Presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000 clearly expose the fact that Israel does not want peace. Zionism is worse than Nazism. The Sacred Cow is further proof of the Zionist hypocrisy blatant double standard.

Considering the above, if anyone concludes the de-construction of the destructive Israel; one should not be prosecuted but should be rewarded.

Remember the slow motion Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine is much more painful than the old one. This Zionist Holocaust is happening in front of you, me and everyone! Our silence will be condemned by history.

Source:, Saturday, May 09, 2009

Friday, July 4, 2008

Can You Follow This Crime Trail?

Can You Follow This Crime Trail?

Further to Taxi fares up as LPG price keeps rising – 20th June 2008, Sydney Morning Herald LPG to Iraq and Discrimination please find out how do they commit crimes in Australian courts of law and screw workers in front of them by the so called ignorant lawyer of the NSW Transport Workers Union, smooth talking judge (who is seriously prejudiced and I question his neutrality) and the assassins known as “taxi mafia”!

Amazingly Labor Party politicians are virtually protecting this scam and Liberals don’t want to get involved because the workers unions are screwing workers who are not their natural constituents anyway. The Democrats are no longer in the NSW Parliament and therefore we may have only hope with the Greens.

These crimes are going on for a long time. Earlier I have contacted the Iguana Gate graduate John Della Bosca, Michael Costa and many more with no result. I am sick and tired now.

This year, basically the IPART granted a small taxi fare increase to cover the LPG price increase as the bailee drivers are forced to pay such expenses by a very questionable (I believe unlawful) deal made by the anti-worker NSW Transport Workers Union under the leadership of the war monger Senator Steve Hutchins!
Yet, Justice Marks passed all money to the “taxi mafia” with the assistance of so called legal system.

Every year I used to confront these “cliques” and they are very weary of me and my actions. I used to keep them on their toes! This year I have decided not to attend the proceedings lively narrated my good friend Ted below.

The reason behind my non attendance was due to the following reasons:

My tested and trusted friend Mike Hatrick hinted, may be they should try something different this year i.e. massaging the anti-worker TWU leadership to do the right thing (but they failed), may be some people were suspecting my style was provoking some judges and parties (due to my race, religion, look etc and therefore my presence may not be a good thing) and my good friend Ted was not confident of my suggestions and instructions.

Ironically my greedy and dishonest “student” Michael Jools attempted to “follow me or my style” in this proceeding but failed miserably due to lack of driver support and knowledge.

Nonetheless, what went on in front of Justice Marks at the IRC yesterday is a crime. This crime was started back in 1984 and many taxi industry expert suspect the former TWU Secretary Ted McBeaty may have ventured to a misadventure which costed his life and his successor Harry Queen took lots of bribe like Senator Steve Hutchins and labour lawyer Adam Hatcher who eventually became a barrister.

Still I have not given up my hope for justice and fairness.

Warning: Morons & White Trash should not enter in to this debate.

This was my first IRC Industrial Relations Commission.

I was rung to move my butt and get in there by 9.30am yesterday (thanks Mike Hatrick).

The IRC is at cnr Bridge and Phillip Sts. Where Sir Laurence Street had the grand Henry Parkes corner office 10 years ago awaiting a call to be governor of NSW, but missing out. A beautiful stone heritage building (the site of many dreadful and devious deeds).

The hearing was to decide how much increase the drivers and the operators of NSW would get.

(Metro Taxi meters have already been adjusted for a 3.8% IPART increase approved by the Minister ; 3.3% country.)

Justice Marks, 50'ish, mo, affable, smiling, (been there, done that) presided.

The "applicants" were the TIA Taxi Industry Association (Taxi Council) for operators and the TWU for drivers.
What a charade.

The TIA legal, tall, urbane, smooth, smiling experienced assassin, (also been there, done that) was there with small Peter Ramshaw of TIA / TC Ltd.

The TWU legal was a tanned, blond surfie type with cowboy boots who volunteered he did not know about the taxi industry. Good start.

It seems the IPART Report recommendations had been difficult to interpret (indeed IPART reluctantly gave guidance for IRC purposes only after strong protests from NSWTDA and TC Ltd).

Therefore TWU did not oppose, nor support the application ! WOW ! That's representation for drivers for you !

Then some light relief. Jools stood up and asked would he be permitted to "intervene"?

Who are you, who do you represent and do you have any 'status' in the IRC? asked Justice Marks sternly. And do the applicants agree? We object, said Mr smooth TIA. We ask for an adjournment said Mr surfie astutely, to find out what the "intervenor" wants.

After a brief chat, the surfie rang to get 'superior instructions' and then suggested some talks and a return to the IRC at a future date for Mr Jools to seek a new Contract Determination – which is 25 years out of date ! (And which still says $16.95 /hour 'wage rate' for taxidrivers which IPART insisted this year on using as a 'proxy' despite all logic, reason and submissions from the NSWTDA that busdrivers are paid $21 /hour plus for easier work for a 40 hour week !).

Fine, a judicial review has been mentioned for the last 4 years, said Marks who seemed to like that idea.

Such was the complete extent of any drivers' voice at the IRC hearing !

Back to work.
After the IPART Report had been handed up, and told by Mr smooth the 3.8% fare increase was not relevant, Marks said IPART had in the past kindly provided details. Instead he was directed to an obscure 2 line Table in IPART page 52 which was discussed at some length. It assessed increases in costs to drivers 4.8% and to operators 4.7%. (And the total fare increase of 3.8%) Go figure ! No-one else could. Presumably the 4.8 and 4.7% were discounted by IPART with their undefined "productivity incentives", meaning in fact arbitrary punitive reductions of the actual cost increases! And 4.8 & 4.7% presumably indicating approx 50/50 split to drivers and operators? (Given a 140 pages Final Report, lift your game in future, IPART. )

Mr smooth then handed a 'secret' schedule to Marks, arguing the IRC should proceed as it has done for the past 7 years. Just increase the Max Payin and what's left over – if anything – is for drivers. Well, what about the extraordinary fuel price increases, asked Marks several times, which the drivers suffer? Good one, Justice, right on ! But the TIA stuck to its guns – without any fuel answer – and of course the TWU had not opposed or agreed.

So finally, after an hour long charade, the IRC decided as per the 'secret' TIA schedule which Marks didn't understand, nor read out, but "on the TIA's assurance"! Accordingly, and also because of his fuel concerns, Marks pronounced his decision as per the TIA "reflecting the IPART report" to be operative from 12.01 am Sat 5July08 as an Interim Decision which could be challenged, amended or corrected if needed in 6 months.
(Maybe in concert with the 6 monthly IPART fuel review, I thought quietly.)

What a fiasco !
And so what is the result, drivers and operators ask?
Well, don't ask me, f…..d if I know !
And nobody else knows either, except the TIA, because no-one else at the hearing was given a copy of the 'secret' schedule !

What's that old saying about cleaning out the Aegean stables …


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt

Silencing the Truth to T-Shirt

Tonight I went to Leichardt Council meeting armed with The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction annulled abruptly by the council due to a visitation by an ASIO (Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation) officer earlier! Would you believe, the ASIO officer was a Palestinian origin and he was assigned to administer the most hated and difficult legislation of the country in a very scary situation! By understanding the conspiracy behind this operation, I felt sympathetic with this unarmed young ASIO officer and reminded me about the low British casualty during the WW1 due to the blatant sacrifice of the Australian, Bangladeshi, Canadian, Indian, New Zealander, Pakistani and others on that time.

At the meeting, the Mayor took an understandably scary and compromising position. The Green councilors took a brave stand in support of free speech and they also revealed to the meeting, a few dirty tricks went on earlier behind the close doors regarding this affair. The crowed were angry, constructive and decisive. However, some Jewish group was dirty behind their spoken polished words at the meeting. They spoke about violence on “both sides” and failed to support the banning of the exhibition in public beside their role behind the back doors! Penultimately, the council would like to go ahead with future exhibitions with the assistance and consultation of both sides!! At one stage, I made an attempt to say something. However, the poor Mayor was scared of me and she did not allow me to speak despite the public demand. I suppose, she was worried about my T-Shirt rather than me!

As soon as the agenda item regarding the cancelled exhibition was over, the Zionist groups started to leave. In order to understand the real motive behind the spoken words, I went outside the chamber door and started to distribute The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction and unmasked the real story.

below. Amongst the crowed there were a few Zio-Nazis too! Some of them even work for peace, they told me with anger!! The first item on the agenda was Friends of Hebron initiated Photo and Cultural Exhibition and that show was One Zionist woman told me, “you should be inside gas chamber”.
My response was, “I knew you are a love child of Adolph Hitler”.

The other one told me, “I like to spit you .. ”.
I said to her, “you are revealing your true Zionist face i.e. brutal, intolerant and extreme”.

One person who knows me well and read me extensively, said to others, “pardon Faruque because he is not White” (paraphrasing to avoid insanity and profanity). During that exchange one gentleman expressed his dissatisfaction over the racist remark.

Another one said, “why don’t you join with Osama and blow yourself up … ”
I replied, “
Zionism is worse than Nazism and Osama is not even charged by anyone, let alone found guilty of anything. So why don’t you condemn Zionism?”

One genuine and decent Palestinian activist told me, “could you kindly change your T-Shirt because it is not helping us”. I told him, “I sympathise with you. However, you must know the actual messages of Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Civilised Society, Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion, Islam is Incompatible with Democracy and Crazy Faruque. I don’t think the Zionists are above the law and they don’t have any right to terrorise rest of the world and therefore I am going to speak the language they understand”.

Do you know the reason of the commotion? The T-Shirt mentioned in The Truth and Reality at the Sydney APEC Rally!

The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ was condemned by some “good” people because that movie was violent and gruesome, although based on true event! However, the same people never condemned those groups who conspired to murder Jesus at Jerusalem and his brother James at Rome later. Rather they found an unnamed Israeli expert and according to him, “Judas was carrying out the wish of God”.

Similarly, the longest running concentration camps with a stamp of infinity are located inside occupied Palestine. This slow motion Israeli holocaust in Palestine is much more painful than Hitler’s one! Yet, the ‘world’ is silent about it!

Amazingly, some of the evidence of the Israeli genocide, wholesale murders and tortures are intolerable to some chardonnay socialists and they are incapable to handle the brutality and horror of those cruelties! Therefore, they have conspired to shut down the Palestinian Photo Exhibition at Leichardt, Sydney, Australia earlier.

Surprise! Surprise, they also find children playing in mothers' cradle, schoolyards or backyards as “extremists”, “militants”, “terrorists” etc. etc. Yet, they can not condemn outsiders who are carrying passports from a God and conducting ethnic cleansing continuum in the occupied Palestine!

Faruque Ahmed
Mobile: 041 091 4118
Tuesday, May 27, 2008