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Science and Commerce

Science and Commerce

Beside the principled argument of taxi fixer let me say the followings.

Scientifically speaking, i.e. chemical structure, energy ratio or content, mileage etc. etc., if the Diesel price is $A1.50/L then the Petrol should be below $A0.75/L and the LPG must be less than $A0.35/L.

However, due to the irrational economic rationalism, these days;
Diesel is $A1.50/L,
Petrol is $A1.40/L and
LPG is $A0.70/L.

It would be a wise idea to talk to the Australian Petroleum Institute or other scientific bodes about this blatant anomalies. The ACC may initiate this dialogue along with the scientific facts mentioned above inline with Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies in Australia.

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Re: Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies

As a Method 1 bailee driver in Sydney I am not required to pay for the cost of fuel by way of the Taxi Industry (Contract Drivers) Contract Determination 1984,On Method 2 so called ' bailee drivers' are required to fork out the extra $40.00 / shift ...or so to pay for fuel.Little wonder that when the president of the TDA when wearing his other hat as champion of the bailor that he works for, will go so far as to appear for the bailor side of the industry in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission against bailee drivers who choose to Method 1 as he did several years ago- only to be demolished by the TWU lawyer.Also having opted to go with Method 2 pay in for the fuel is the wages of sin.Suckers- if you opt for a Method that facilitates massive tax evasion and avoidance- amethod that flies in the face of the massive legal precedent set down by the Justice Beattie report into the industry and opt for a method arrived at by legal chicanery then suffer you must.The bailor and the fuel companies are laughing ....


Source: Sydney Taxi Corruption

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Re: Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies

Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies in Australia

It appears, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission do not know the fact that one can make millions of products out of a black substance called Crude Oil. The refiners make these products under certain conditions, pressure and temperature at the oil refineries based on the market requirement. Right now the main products in the Australian market are the L.P.G., petrol, kerosene, diesel and lubricating oil.

An intelligent organization with integrity must be watching all of these products, profit margins, price fluctuations and possible links behind any changes. According to Mr. Graeme Samuel of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, his organization is only watching the unleaded petrol prices to change the world.

However, the giant ACCC and Australian Government got millions of well paid and connected advisers and experts. One can hope they will ensure public good and fairness while they discharge their responsibilities.

Remember, taxi drivers are waiting for Removal of Cabcharge Decals from Taxis.

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For once I read a post worthy of a media manager there is hope for you yet!The sad part being, that neither the TWU who don't give a shit, or the NSWTDA who are totally impotent as is the ATDA in this matter or any TDA in any state. It is obvious for anyone that pauses to think, that the oil companies in the present price hike are playing 'pay back' to Labor Australia and unless Kevin Rudd and his team takes a strong stand we are going to be screwed by the capitalist monopolies.What that stand should be, I have no idea as there has never been one single government to my knowledge be it Labor or Liberal that has the balls to tackle the oil companies and win. I may be wrong in this, and if the great historians of the Taxi industry have any corrections to this statment then I would be most happy to be corrected.So my dear collegues, tighten your belts and TRY and have a happy festive season.Remember Christmas is a time for caring and sharing, and we who have so little and try to share with others what little we have may be twice blessed.Peace and blessings to ALL



Ghost and Gas – No Conspiracies

According to the law of the land, the bailor is responsible for fuel and wash.

However, at the Industrial Relations Commission the "taxi mafia" made an application to pass the responsibility of fuel and wash to the bailees without any compensation whatsoever.

Further to ICAC Submission, long long ago; a "phantom strike" was called at Granville Taxi Base, Sydney, NSW of the `lucky country'! The TWU trouble shooter named Robert Mayell who used to work around the adjacent area quickly went over there and negotiated a settlement! The `Pay-in' went down by five dollars!!

The following day, a number of taxi drivers were frog marched behind the "messiah" Robert Mayell at the Industrial Commission in front of CC Connor (NSW IRC Matter No 2383 of 1993).

No one is suggesting any conspiracy here! Poor Faruque and a few taxi drivers busted in anger and confronted the "messiah" Robert Mayell and the Transport Workers Union lawyer Adam Hatcher. During that time those new taxi drivers of Granville asked Faruque to be quiet and follow Meyall. Faruque told them, "I do not know who you are and I have not seen you in any of TWU meetings earlier – who are you people and what is the game going on here"?

Later many of these people confessed to Faruque and others that they were not even members of the TWU, many of them were not financial members of the union and the taxi bosses encouraged them to join in the TWU!

During the proceedings, the TWU lawyer said to CC Connor, "we reserve the right to oppose at a later date".

The good CC Connor found the opportunity and then he keenly passed the responsibility of gas and wash to the bailees without any compensation whatsoever. He did so despite strenuous objections made to him by Faruque and other drivers.

The decision by CC Connor did not change the bailor/bailee remuneration principle or law, but he made a decision which was not opposed by the parties.

A few weeks later the LPG price jumped from $A0.20-$A0.30/L to $A0.50-$A0.60/L.

An application was made to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on a different ground. After a futile exercise, the price went down for a while.

Today, who is increasing the LPG price and on what basis no one knows or cares. The net impact is the weaker party in the chain is carrying the burden while "taxi mafia" is laughing all the way to the bank. The TWU lawyer Adam Hatcher found a chamber at the higher end of the town and become a BARRISTER! The good union boss Steve Hutchins became the president of the NSW Labor Party and eventually a number one ticket SENATOR from NSW.

Taxi drivers made an appeal to the Full Bench.

After a long and costly exercise, we found out that only the TWU have the right to represent taxi drivers at the Industrial Commission! During that hearing the rights and wrongs of the actual case were not discussed.

That means, in reality the court said the TWU can do whatever they like and they can ignore their own taxi driver members all together or their welfare! They are virtually not answerable to anyone. The union bosses do not have to follow justice, fairness, courtesy or common sense! Since then the union removed a few bi-laws of their own constitution i.e. they don't have to advance the well being of their own members". The law is same today.

Whether we drivers like it or not, even if the TWU got any taxi driver members or not they will decide the bailee taxi drivers working conditions. No matter, how sad, immoral and unlawful they are.

Faruque and others used to expose them in the media. However, the union bosses used to make attempts to trap taxi drivers and block them from the media, parliament, etc. etc. Some of the documents are very revealing.

I say, the most tragic thing of my life is that knowing and dealing with the NSW Transport Workers Union.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ted Hirsch wrote:

From memory, about 4-5 weeks ago gas rose to a minimum 55/ litre and up to 70/litre.After cabbies got used to the shock, then a week or two ago it rose to minimum 65/litre and up to 75/litre.Did you say price gouging, Brian? Tut, tut. But Yes, getting our Media Manager onto it sounds worthwhile !On Wed 19Dec07 in the SMH, Gordon Samuels announced that the ACCC inquiry had NOT found any evidence of petrol price collusion. And Coles and Woolies dockets were cleared from accusations of higher shelf prices. Independent servos disappearing was is part of a long term trend, although they are hotly contesting this finding (self interest obviously). It is proposed to introduce a daily petrol price information scheme, popular in WA and which has reduced volatile price changes to once per day. By 4pm the next day's price is shown on the computer. No mention of gas prices or gouging by the ACCC, of course.Our in house historian Mr. Ahmed, tells of an IRC "temporary decision" some years ago which, thanks to the TWU made drivers pay for fuel, whereas previously Bailors paid (or bailors/ bailees split the costs?).

Faruque reckons taking this to the IRC for review is too difficult and costly. He reckons Parliament, somehow. Any specific advice, Faruque?Ernie suggest IPART gives us a handout for fuel price increases. That's the easiest approach, no doubt, albeit in June/July from memory and a massive amount of work if we do the full Monty! (Should IPART be added to our Calendar?) (BTW, why are radio jobs so poorly returned, Ernie? Cheers to all.


Ernie Mollenhauer wrote:

As bus fares have just been increased, their explanation being increased costs, I reckon there are more than reasonable grounds to pester Ipart for an increase in taxi fares. The other string in the bow would be the currently poor responses to radio booking which are now even less attractive than before. Is there support for a claim, (seeking to leave the meters alone) for an increase in the radio booking fee to say $3 so they can knock us back to $2?


On 19/12/2007, Brian Ridge < brianfridge@...> wrote:

To the committee, Last night while filling my cab with gas at the Legion base at 65.9 cents per litre another driver told me he had narrowly avoided paying 74.9 at Crows Nest, and he estimated that it was costing him about $100 a week extra. My recollection is that when the fare rates were increased back about July the cost of gas rose from about 48 to 52 cents per litre. If my memory is correct that equates to about a 40% rise in less than 6 months. The term "price gouging" springs to mind. I am wondering whether the NSWTDA could do a bit of probing and perhaps create a bit of noise so that these prices are justified.


Source: NSW TDA Executive